A Huge Win!

Coming into the game, the Celtics and Pistons split their previous meetings with the road team winning both games. Remember the last time at the Fleet, er Garden? Tony Allen fouled Chauncey Billups as time expired and Chauncey hit both free throws to ice the game for the Pistons.  


Not this time. I’ll be honest I didn’t tune in until about 8:49 left in the fourth quarter when the C’s were up by one. Then the Celtics just took control and took it to the Pistons. After taking heat in this very column for stupid fouls and poor play, Perk blew up for 20 and 10. No, not the 20 and 10 you’re thinking. 20 rebounds to go with his 10 points.

With Perk grabbing all those boards what’s Garnett supposed to do? How about score the most points he’s scored in a Celtics uniform with 31. I know it’s not the 50 that LeBron dropped on the Knicks but the Celtics were playing an NBA team not some dysfunctional clusterfuck of a bastardized franchise.

Now not to play the Pats “no respect” card for this team but they’re ranked 3rd on the power rankings. That’s right, 3rd behind the Lakers and the Spurs. Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t we beat both those teams this year? I think I remember the C’s beating the snot out of the Fakers on Causeway Day, again on December 30th at L.A. by 19 and beating the Spurs behind Rondo’s double double (11 rebounds, 12 assists) with the Big Baby defending Duncan like a champ.

The Celtics have the best record in the league and beat the two teams ahead of them on the Power Rankings. I’m no expert and perhaps I’m a little bit of a homer but if you have the best record the only team that should be ahead of you is a hot team that you lost to earlier in the year. But that’s just me.

The true test for the C’s has yet to come. Well, what’s left on the schedule. The have a stretch starting on March 17th at San Antonio, the 18th at Houston, the 20th at Dallas and the 22nd at New Orleans. Oh and after hosting Philly they get the Suns at home. That’s going to be a tough trip for the C’s, but if they step it up like they did last night we could all take a que from the Guy and not be worried.


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3 responses to “A Huge Win!

  1. Jay

    Thank GOD the team signed PJ Brown.

    Why you ask? Because Scott Pollard is done for the season (only played in 2 of the last 25 games. Lazy)

    As good as the Big Baby and Powe have played, it’s good to have the veteran backup.

  2. Jay

    And the team clinched a playoff birth.

    I guess I forgot to mention that

  3. I tried to post this last night, but my internet soiled the bed and ruined it!….

    Commenting on your own shit……. the act of a desperate man. Somebody, PLEASE get this man a job! Best line of the year so far, “dysfunctional clusterfuck of a bastardized franchise. ” Thank you sir, well said!

    Watching the Pissheads vs. Celtics game last night(actually I was listening to it on sirius) gave me the biggest sense of pride in my basketball team, that I have felt in at least 10 years! Yeah, it was pretty cool when Pierce and Antoine went deep a few years ago. But you really had no faith that they could take it the distance! I haven’t had such pride in a Boston team since the 04 sox. That game, was THAT good! Now….

    Not only is PJ Brown about to make an appearence, so is your boy Delante Cassell! I’m saying it, for all to see, right now! Your Boston Celtics are headed to the NBA finals! And I bet $200 on them to win it all, before the season started. I have the ticket to prove it! Big Ticket for mayor 2010! I’m sick of that embarrassment Mumbles Menino! Fuck It! KG for president 2012!
    -Shake It the FUCK UUUUPPPPP!!!!

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