Big Tuna. Bring It On!

So yesterday morning reports that Bill Parcells is in negotiations with the Atlanta Falcons to by the Vice President of the team. That was reported all morning and listed as the primary headline on most of the day.Then, I’m driving home and hear that the talks have broken off between the Falcons and Parcells and Parcells is back on the Miami radar to take over as Vice President of the Dolphins. So you decide not to take the job for a franchise without a QB only to take a job with a team without anything? A team set to go 1-15?!? Am I the only one licking my chops on this one?


Having the Mangani in the division already motivates Belichick to rock him every time they face each other. Now you’re going to put the “mentor” in his division as well? I think Coach Bill will do everything in his power to stick it to the Dolphins the way we’re sticking it to the Jets. Parcells repeatedly took credit for Belichick’s work yet when the two parted ways, Belichick won 3 Super Bowls with the Tuna, the Tuna won zero without Parcells.

 Now I understand that Parcells isn’t going to be the head coach, but all the same, I think that Belichick would love to stick it to hum, just like he stuck it Dallas and the Jets when Parcells was in charge.

So may I be the first to welcome you, Big Tuba and your yellow hair to the worst decision of your career. Have fun on South Beach with Shaq and Hulk Hogan. I’m sure you’ll botch the #1 pick and keep the Dolphins post Marino era running its course of mediocrity. 


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4 responses to “Big Tuna. Bring It On!

  1. Dat Roro Kid

    Ummm…go fuck yourself?? Cool.

  2. Jay

    Thank our Miami friends for checking in. Unlike their website I’m not discriminatory (sic) to fans that don’t share my views. So the comments stay

  3. Big J

    All we need is for the Bills to hire someone in the Parcells coaching tree and the AFC east will resemble a down south insest wedding party.
    As for the Dolphins they won’t have a shot at the playoffs till they can actually field a quarterback that has some skill and I can’t see that happening for a while.

  4. Jay

    How about Bledsoe on South Beach? It could happen

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